As your coach I will help you decide EXACTLY what you want and need in a relationship.  That means helping you identify your past patterns (trust me you have them) and creating a set of personal rules to guide you through picking a better partner next time.  

Most importantly I'll help you feel great about yourself and inspire positive energy.  
Self-confidence is incredibly attractive!  

And if you're currently in a relationship, I can help you make it the best it can possibly be!  I'll even help you decide if it's the right one for you or not.  So many people stay in the wrong relationship because they think it's the best they'll get.  Or because they're afraid to admit they're not happy.  If that's what's going on with you I'll listen closely and together we'll figure out what's best for you!     

In addition to my training, I have thirty years of personal dating experience.  I have been there!  And my strong desire is to help you find romantic bliss! 

  •  I can help you: 

  •  Eliminate negative thinking and actions

  •  Break a pattern of choosing the wrong people

  •  Decide if you’re in a bad relationship and how to get out

  • Decide if you're in a good relationship and how to make it a long-lasting, true partnership

  •  Find the best way for you to meet someone new 

  •  Learn how to use Internet dating effectively

  • Keep someone when you do meet someone new

  •  Help you get through a break-up

  •  Become comfortable being alone

  • Gain insight and understanding of the female sex (I have extensive knowledge of the male sex too!)

  • Discover the best way to make a great first impression

  • Spot and avoid waving red flags

  • Recognize and stop destructive relationship habits

  • Distinguish true love from true lust

  •  Improve your primary long-term relationship: The one with yourself!

I also offer personal image coaching in New York City.   

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I look forward to hearing from you and exploring how we might best work together!

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New York Dating Coach
Dating is all about the choices you make. 
 ...the first place to look is inside yourself.
If you're looking for "the one"...
Donna Barnes
Donna Barnes is a New York University Certified Life and Relationship Coach.  

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Thanks for checking out my website.  My name is Donna Barnes 
and I'm a Dating and Relationship Coach.  I truly believe that dating is all about you!  And that's great news, because it means if you're not happy with your dating situation...YOU have the power to change it!   

Start taking action toward the relationship of your dreams!  It’s all about your choices, your actions, your thoughts and feelings.  Energy is contagious, and like attracts like.  

What kind of energy are you radiating?

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I can help you make 
better choices!
I can help you make 
better choices!
Dating is all about the choices you make. 

I can help you make 
better choices!

A happy relationship will be yours if you're willing to make some 
positive changes. 

If you're looking for "the one"
the first place to look is inside yourself.
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